Dragonfly and damselfly life list

  1. Common Green Darner    4/6/12    Piedras Marcadas Canyon, Bernalillo, NM
  2. Flame Skimmer    4/22/12    east of Milnesand, Roosevelt, NM
  3. Ebony Jewelwing    5/16/12    Wakefield Park, Fairfax, VA
  4. Eastern Pondhawk    5/19/12    Possum Point Road, Prince William, VA
  5. Common Whitetail    5/19/12    Leesylvania SP, Prince William, VA
  6. Calico Pennant    5/26/12    Thompson Lake, Fauquier, VA
  7. Spangled Skimmer    5/26/12    Thompson Lake, Fauquier, VA
  8. Turquoise Bluet    5/26/12    Sky Meadows SP, Fauquier, VA
  9. Common Whitetail    5/30/12    Nescopeck SP, Luzerne, PA
  10. Springwater Dancer    6/7/12    Embudo Canyon Spring, Bernalillo, NM
  11. Widow Skimmer    6/12/12    Tingley bosque ponds, Bernalillo, NM
  12. Blue Dasher    6/12/12    Tingley bosque ponds, Bernalillo, NM
  13. American Rubyspot    6/14/12    Alameda bridge open space, Bernalillo, NM
  14. Twelve-spotted Skimmer    6/14/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  15. Eastern Amberwing    6/14/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  16. Roseate Skimmer    6/24/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  17. Familiar Bluet    8/11/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  18. Aztec Dancer    8/11/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  19. Black Saddlebags    8/11/12    Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  20. Variegated Meadowhawk    8/25/12        Rio Grande Nature Center, Bernalillo, NM
  21. Slaty Skimmer    8/30/12    Burke VRE Station, Fairfax, VA
  22. Orange Bluet    9/1/12    Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax, VA
  23. Eastern Forktail    9/1/12    Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax, VA
  24. Great Blue Skimmer    9/1/12    Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax, VA
  25. Needham’s Skimmer    9/1/12    Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax, VA
  26. Rambur’s Forktail    9/3/12    Occoquan Bay NWR, Prince William, VA
  27. Blue-fronted Dancer    9/3/12    Occoquan Bay NWR, Prince William, VA
  28. Halloween Pennant    9/6/12    Burke Lake Park, Fairfax, VA
  29. Blue-ringed Dancer    9/9/12    Great Falls Park, Fairfax, VA
  30. Illinois Swift River Cruiser    9/29/12    Shenandoah River State Park, Warren, VA
  31. Autumn Meadowhawk    9/30/12    Meadowood Special Recreation Area, Fairfax, VA

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