Moths at the Milnesand Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival

This blog isn’t turning into ABQmothing! Many, many moths were strewn about the pavement outside the Milnesand community center when I returned from my Lesser Prairie-Chicken lek experience. Thanks to help from some folks at, I was able to put names to most of these moths (and one antlion).

Antlion, male

Male antlion, cf. Brachynemurus sackeni

Grammia incorrupta?

Some kind of tiger moth, possibly Grammia incorrupta

Ectypia bivittata

Ectypia bivittata, a tiger moth

Bird-dropping Moth species

Ponometia sp. cf. P. virginalis, a type of bird-dropping moth

Drasteria species

Drasteria sp. cf. Drasteria mirifica

Indomitable Melipotis, female

Female Indomitable Melipotis, Melipotis indomita

Forage Looper

Forage Looper, Caenurgina erechtea

Glaucina species

Glaucina sp. cf Glaucina interruptaria. These need dissection of genetalia or DNA analysis to identify to species.

Digrammia pervolata

Digrammia pervolata, a geometrid moth

Alfalfa Webworm

Alfalfa Webworm, Loxostege cereralis

Hystrichophora vestaliana

Hystrichophora vestaliana, a tortricid moth

White-lined Sphinx
White-lined Sphinx

White-lined Sphinx, Hyles lineata

The White-speck

Armyworm, or the White-Speck, Mythimna unipuncta

Sagebrush Girdle

Sagebrush Girdle, Plataea trilinearia

unknown moth

unknown moth

unknown geometer moth

unknown geometer moth

unknown moth

unknown moth

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