Biting off more than you can chew (or even swallow)

It’s been a while since I blogged–too much birding, too many pictures, and being busy with other stuff. I’ll catch up on it all.

But first, here’s an update on the local roadrunner nest. After the failed attempt in late March, they laid eggs again and this time, successfully hatched four young. Two weeks ago or so, Melissa and I saw one of the parents on the nest sitting kind of high. We thought there might be some young in the nest. I first the four nestlings about a week ago all cozy in the nest. It was late in the evening and the light was poor, but I got a few shots.

My friend Joe had been wanting to photograph a roadrunner nest, so I told him of our local birds. He got a very nice close-up photograph of two of the nestlings.

Today, Melissa and I went back this afternoon to get some better pictures with our point-and-shoots and found a funny but sad scene at the nest. One of the parents had captured a tiny aquatic turtle from somewhere and was trying vary hard to stuff it into the even smaller mouths of the nestlings. We watched the parent try this for several minutes before we left.

A cute little roadrunner chick, taken by Melissa

The cholla forest had one flower. These photos were taken by Melissa.

We also took a short video of the adult trying to feed the chicks.

I hope the chicks get some smaller food. But it leaves us wondering, where did the turtle come from?

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4 Responses to Biting off more than you can chew (or even swallow)

  1. joeschelling says:

    Great video! Things looked a lot more active than when I dropped by. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca Gracey says:

    The attempt to feed the young a turtle of all things, was remarkable.

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  4. Matt says:

    I know they eat lizards, but not turtles. My brief search online found no records of them preying on turtles.

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