American Pipits at Tramway wetlands 9/22

Albuquerque got a lot of rain Monday afternoon and evening and then even more Wednesday morning. Rainy weather during migration in Pennsylvania was always good for bringing down migrant waterbirds. Hoping this would be the case here as well as all the water filling up the Tramway wetlands again, I headed out there around lunchtime today. I was thankful the rain stopped for the half hour I was there.

The rain and the increase in water didn’t result in lots of shorebirds, but there seemed to be more ducks present. Here’s what I found:

2    Wood Ducks
5    American Wigeons
30  Mallards
10  Blue-winged Teals
8    Cinnamon Teals
6    Northern Shovelers

There were more sandpipers than the last time I was there, but still nothing much:
45   Killdeer
1    Spotted Sandpiper
3    Solitary Sandpiper
1    Least Sandpiper
1    Baird’s Sandpiper

As I was scanning with the scope, I noticed two small birds on the mud with a peachy color on the chest and underneath. For a brief moment I was thinking of some exotic sandpiper, but I quickly realized they were American Pipits (New Mexico bird #198 and Bernalillo #148).

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